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Welcome to the home of Spec X – Architectural Product Specialists

We are a marketing agency getting building materials and architectural products specified by creating brands that architects and designers love and trust. Our business is built on understanding how professionals think and what they want.

We assist companies that:

  • Need to promote their products or brand to professionals e.g. architects
  • Sells technical products that engineers need assistance on
  • Want both traditional and digital marketing tactics for optimal results
  • Want to align sales, product and marketing teams to hit sales goals
  • Struggle to differentiate and communicate value
  • Want to increase footprint and market growth
  • Want to introduce a new product line in a new category or competitive space
What it is and why


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Our services

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Product Specifications

Our business is based on comprehending how an architect, or a designer, makes their decisions. This varies from other consumers like.....


Project Leads & Database

Through our web-based technology, Databuild Online, we publish project and tender information on upcoming developments within the building.....



It is important for the success of your business to develop a construction marketing plan, as well as strategy. The term “marketing” is often misunderstood and used incorrectly due to the fact that.....

The Specification Process

When architects select building products to fulfill their design inspirations, they take two approaches: consulting trusted salespeople and exploring online sources.If you want to get your product specified by architects, you must have full comprehension of their product specification process, what they care about and how they determine what product to specify. Beyond having a great product, you need stellar sales representation. If you don’t have good representation, it doesn’t matter how great your product is because it won’t get in front of an architect. A great product and great sales representation go hand-in-hand.

Our testimonials

"Spec X , in our professional opinion, not only saves you valuable time, but gives you time to concentrate and work on the other important multi disciplines in architecture whilst maintaining the highest form of professionalism."
K Greyvenstein
Urban Grey Architects
"What we value most of your service is the thorough knowledge you have of the suppliers' products and services, as your assistance. We have built up countless relationships with suppliers due to the interaction with Spec X."
J van tonder
Theunissen Jankowitz Architects (Bfn) CC

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