Architectural Product Specifications and Marketing

BuildConnect Package

Spec X is in colloboration with BuildConnect, a division of DataBuild. We have identified a need in the building industry for a service which not only assists in obtaining appointments with professionals but goes one step further and secures the specification. This differs from the services offered by other industry marketing companies who focus on appointment numbers and distribution of marketing material. Spec X forms part of BuildConnect and offers a depth of service focused on quality interactions with specifiers rather than volume. Our objective is a targeted approach for successful outcomes rather than a spray and pray methodology.

Our Architectural Product Specialists are all business owners in the Specifications and Marketing Industry and will undergo comprehensive training by the client to ensure a thorough understanding of the product and its technical specifications. This enables them to provide a meaningful service to the professional when discussing the client’s product and creating a positive impression of the client with the professional. The objective is to secure specifications on the client’s behalf. Once this is achieved, the specialist tracks the project and notifies clients when a project is out to tender, reminding them to send quotes to tendering contractors. When the project is awarded, they immediately advise the client who can then follow up with the successful contractor. This is as much a service to the architect as it is to the client, and the Specification Specialist is available to assist the architect with any queries they may have, and deal with any issues that may arise on site.


Why choose us?

Cost-effective and affordable service – BuildConnect’s fees compare favorably with those of a specifying representative. As already experienced specifiers, all they require is comprehensive training on the client’s product. There’s no need for employment contracts and all the other overhead costs associated with employing a dedicated specifying representative.

Exclusivity – We will not market any products that are in direct competition, for that region as specified on the signed contract.

Long-standing relationships – Our Product Specialists boasts extensive experience in the construction industry and have established solid and lasting relationships with leading industry professionals. Each specifying partner operates as an independent business owner, which ensures service continuity and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming retraining due to staff turnover. 

Effective use of Databuild project information – BuildConnect’s Specification Partners ensure that Databuild Online clients derive maximum benefit from their subscription by prioritising and qualifying identified projects and following up on the client’s behalf. 

Backed by an enduring legacy – Since 1974 Databuild has remained focused on the provision of the best quality construction project and professional contact information, together with a superior set of services that includes business intelligence, industry-related workshops, forums and a host of digital opportunities. All are geared to assisting professionals and clients while interfacing with various bodies and initiatives.


Pricing – As every company has individual requirements, we do not have set pricing. Our professional team will be in contact with you to evaluate your specific need and requirements. Once this is done, a proposal will be sent to you stipulating the regions covered for specification, targeted professionals for marketing and the exact DataBuild package to fit your need. 

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