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Our business is based on comprehending how an architect, or a designer, makes their decisions. This varies from other consumers like contractors and developers. Most architectural product companies don’t understand that, and even less so does digital agencies and marketing firms. Where other agencies hypothesize, we know what architects and designers envisage about specific products. We provide them with an opportunity to evaluate new products, review marketing programs, weigh-in on sample systems, evaluate sales presentations, and much more.
Spec X lives in the specifier’s world. We know how the professionals work, what influences their choices, and what impact product failure can have on their career. We see how your competitors are selling. From making their appointments, to lunch-and-learns and leave behinds, we see them come and go. We know how they deliver samples, who is enlivening the library and who isn’t. Most importantly, we understand how much of that information the professionals reserve and act on.
As each firm specializes in different sectors, it is important to understand which products they find valuable and how the samples will perch in the library. Thanks to our access and insights, we can often identify a trend before it becomes one.

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It is important for the success of your business to develop a construction marketing plan, as well as strategy. The term “marketing” is often misunderstood and used incorrectly due to the fact that marketing entails much more than selling or advertising, and that it actually is the strategic plan that you develop for your organization that looks at your construction company’s strengths and weaknesses. Also the areas in which you have a competitive advantage, as well as the market(s) that you will target your sales focus on. It also entails the demographics of your chosen market including the pricing structure that you plan to use.

It is important to comprehend the general steps necessary to create and implement a construction marketing plan for your business.  The size of the marketing budgets will vary, and also the intended target market.  Ultimately, marketing strategy development comes down to similar steps that can be used for any size business.  It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it must be thorough and thoughtfully analysed.  It must also be interlocked to your staff and stakeholders. Your marketing plan must be monitored and adjusted as needed, and it should also be adaptable to changing competitive environments, just like you financial plan.  The construction market developed tremendously from how it was two to three years ago.  Our businesses’ construction marketing plans has to adjust accordingly in order to capitalize on potential avenues of revenue.

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Databuild Online

Through our web-based technology, Databuild Online, we publish project and tender information on upcoming developments within the building and civil industry. It is through this system that our clients have access to the information that will enable them to consolidate and increase their businesses.

Databuild Online gives clients access to our vast database of detailed project information, enabling them to market their products and services effectively throughout each stage of the project lifecycle from Planning, through to Tender and Awarded stage. However, not only is our information wide-ranging; it can also be refined to suit your exact specifications. You need not be overwhelmed with an extensive list of projects that may or may not be relevant to your business. Instead, our clients receive training on how to make use of the filters function, which enables them to receive only those projects that meet their requirements.

The project and tender information provided by Databuild Online is both comprehensive and accessible. Both broad and refined searches are available, according to your present requirements.

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  1. CPD sessions

Continuing personal development (CPD) is the process of tracking skills, knowledge and experience that employees gain both formally and informally at work. It not only offers clear benefits to industry professionals, but also enables organisations to position their company as experts in their field.

Why does CPD matter? Put simply, the building and construction industry is constantly evolving. With advances in technology, changes in regulation, and increasing specialisation, CPD is becoming the norm for many tradespeople looking to get ahead in their careers – and many employers hoping to meet their business objectives. If you’re an employer, pursuing CPD for builders online is a great choice.

  1. On-site training

An important aspect of any architectural products is the installation of the system and the qualifications of the installer.  You can have a great system but if your installer does not know the finer aspects of the job and use the best quality installation materials, your overall performance will be compromised and in turn reduce the benefits of the specification. Cutting corners can also have dire implications on warranties

As you can already probably tell, there are many benefits to having a well trained workforce. When given training, employees are sure to have a higher efficient work rate and ensure that when working, everyone is kept safe. Also your employees will be up to date with any new technologies that are being used within the industry. An employer should expect to see results from their newly trained workforce. This would be through reduced work time and also the work will be completed to a higher standard.

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