About Us

Spec X came to be because truly good work comes when we do what inspires us most. With 12 years’ experience as a sales representative and a specifier, assisting management and professionals with architectural products, the owner of Spec X knows and understands the struggles of both Suppliers and the Professionals, Contractors and developers’ world.

We are analysts and strategists who are drawn to the design of the world around us, how it works, and why. We are drawn to the built environment and its innovative ideas, designs and products. By putting a singular focus on marketing for architectural product and building material companies, we can truly create a change. 

Every year, architects and designers specify millions of architectural products and building materials, representing billions of rands in sales. It takes a true understanding and long standing relationships to know how their minds work, what their preferences are and how to get a product specified in their world. If you want to have a part of this billion-rand industry, you must understand who is who in the construction world.

After years of working with professionals in the built environment assisting with specifications as well as being on the sales side of the supplier, we can tell you that the building and architectural product companies that understand this unique audience and tailor their marketing efforts become industry leaders.

We strive to become part of your team. Growing your brand and in return growing your sales.

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